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Education Equipment Room - (Software)

Provide an array of computer software supporting teacher/student educational needs.


Education Equipment Room - (Hardware)

Provide quite a number of computer peripheral devices and educational hardware equipment supporting teacher/student educational needs.


Multipurpose Auditorium

A large meeting space for up to 300 people, for holding various kinds of activities such as lectures, seminar, concerts, etc.


Digital Experiment Classroom

Equipped with computers, logic analyzer, digital signal generator, digital wave displayer, IC Recorder, Analog/Digital Experimenter, LCR Tester, Digital IC Tester, Linear IC Tester


Network Classroom

For network practice training, equipped with CCNA equipment: five Cisco 2500 routers and two Cisco WS-C1924-A Switches. CCNP equipments: four Frame Relay, eight ISDN interfaces, CISCO 4006 for Multi-Layer Switching.


Professional Laboratory

Offers space and equipment for professional research and experiments.

High Speed Network and IPv6 Lab

·     Networks and Communications Lab

·     Multimedia Applications and High Speed Computing Lab

·     Interactive Media Lab

·     Database and Data Mining Lab

·     E-Learning Technology Lab


Networked Computer Classroom

For computer practice, equipped with high-speed laser printers, scanners and multimedia broadcast system.


Graduate Classroom & Conference Room

Functions as a classroom for graduate students and a conference room for the department.


Computer System Laboratory

Supports courses including Network Planning and Management, System Programming and Unix Operating System, and provides for students’ practical training.


Electronic Classrooms

Lecture-based classrooms equipped with projector, and a networked computer